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  1. Wayne Mackintosh March 18, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Greetings from New Zealand

    As UNESCO, ¬†COL & ICDE Chair in OER working in the Edinburgh of the South (Dunedin) – I wish to compliment our Scottish colleagues on an outstanding open declaration. Great to see that you haven’t forgotten to apply an open license as in the case of other initiatives in this space ūüėČ

    I was particularly pleased to see the use of “open education” as an umbrella concept incorporating aspects like OER, OEP and Open Access.

    Well done team Scotland !

    Where do I sign the declaration? … can’t wait to see the final product.¬†

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Many thanks for your support and encouragement. While we fully support the Paris OER Declaration, we thought it would be beneficial to extend the Scottish declaration to encompass “open education” in the widest sense. It remains to be seen whether we can get institutional senior managers, the funding council and the Government to support this declaration, but we hope at the very least this will raise the profile of open education in Scotland and help to engage the community.

      This version of the declaration is still a draft but if you’d like to sign it, you can add your name in a comment on paragraph 17.

      Very best wishes

  2. Dear Colleagues,¬†congratulations to your great initiative, which I hope will become a huge success!¬†I would like to make two general comments:First I personally would love to see a library participating as well! Libraries can contribute to the OER movement by providing high quality metadata for OER and hosting OER repositories. They therefore should be considered as an important stakeholder and an essential component of every OER-ecosystem.Secondly, my dear hbz-colleague Adrian Pohl wrote a ‚ÄěLibrary empowerment manifesto‚Äú which I like very much. It might be interesting for you to have a look at it, since it takes a quite different approach than the Open Scotland Declaration, so it might be worth comparing both of them.¬†All the bestJan¬†

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